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Naked Overalls | Goofy Ai - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
I will start testing new anime based SDXL characters and concepts on my Patreon from now on. if you guys have any suggestions or wants any of my ol...
Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:naked overalls
naked overalls, 1girl, solo, breasts, overalls, brown hair, short hair, brown eyes, large breasts, armpits, sideboob, upper body, arms behind head, arms up, collarbone, blush, cleavage, white background <lora:naked_overalls_v1:1>
(edgQuality,photorealistic),naked overalls,  1girl, solo, looking at viewer, smile, blush,    short hair, blonde hair, black eyes, bare legs, sideboob, medium breasts,tongue out, arms up, arms behind head, white background,<lora:naked_overalls_v1:0.8>