Micro Shorts | Goofy Ai

Micro Shorts | Goofy Ai - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
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Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:micro shorts,shorts
micro shorts, 1girl, breasts,  solo, twintails, black hair, shorts, navel, huge breasts, smile, open mouth, blush, looking at viewer, hand on hip, midriff, long hair, denim shorts, crop top, denim, cleavage, indoors, thighs, mole under eye, bangs, standing<lora:micro_shorts_goofy:1>
micro shorts, 1girl, navel,arms behind back, large breasts, shorts, blonde hair, blue eyes, tongue out, swimsuit, denim, open mouth, outdoors, short hair, black bikini, beach, ass visible through thighs, solo focus,  sky, looking at viewer, blush,  day, thighs, blue sky <lora:micro_shorts_goofy:1><lora:micro_shorts_goofy:1>