Microshirt and Wind Lift

Microshirt and Wind Lift - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
Designed to make small, loose croptops and wind lifted croptops
Model:SD 1.5
no bra
crop top overhang
wardrobe malfunction
undersized shirt
shirt wind lift
croptop, (shirt wind lift:1.3), (wardrobe malfunction:1.3), 1girl, solo, low-angle view, glint, huge breasts, red hair, green eyes, (dark skin:1.5), navel, female, looking at viewer, smug grin, standing, tank top, pleated skirt, side view, lowleg, jewelry, gradient sky, poolside, midriff, (bikini under clothes:1.2), thick thighs, wide hips, thigh gap, underboob, microshirt, striped bikini,  <lora:Microshirt_and_Wind_Lift_v1:1>
one breast out, microshirt, breasts out, nipples, croptop, 1girl, solo, short hair, hime cut, black hair, green eyes, small breasts, navel, thighs, looking at viewer, wavy mouth, open mouth, surprised, blushing, from below, standing, hands up, black tank top, yoga pants, lowleg, beach, milf, mature,   <lora:Microshirt_and_Wind_Lift_v1:0.8>
croptop shirt wind lift, nipples, 1girl, solo, blonde hair, (dark skin:1.5), from side, glint, huge breasts, blue eyes, navel, female, looking at viewer, open mouth, happy, standing, hand up, black shirt, blue shorts, butt, (daisy dukes:1.3), lowleg, jewelry, no bra,  gradient sky, orange sky, cloud, sunset, denim,  <lora:Microshirt_and_Wind_Lift_v1:0.8>
shirt wind lift, 1girl, solo, from below, long hair, blonde hair, blue eyes, large breasts, navel, looking at viewer, squatting, skirt, white thighhighs, underwear, black panties, side-tie panties, sneakers, midriff, crop top, crop top overhang, underboob, pom pom (cheerleading), white background, no bra, cameltoe, cheerleader, kay (girls und panzer), upskirt
city sidewalk, public,  <lora:Microshirt_and_Wind_Lift_v1:0.8>