Chinese-Art 中国水彩风格,中国艺术

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中国风 水彩风格,中国艺术,彩绘,留白 如您有模型定制需求或其他合作请联系Wechat: tinyxu1024 QQ交流裙:129995759 lora中预留大量触法词 - hanfu (汉服) - flowering branch (花的枝丫) - hair ornament (发饰) - ...
Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:chinese painting
chinese art
(france | usa 18 y.o fighter pilot),genshin ganyu \(genshin impact\),(highly clear face,very cute,Extremely cure beauty,Sexy self-confidence,proud and independent,Clear perfect eyes,phenomenal aesthetic,Amazing photos),
photorealistic,anatomically correct,hangar background,very complex,detailed and rich,cinematic_angle,Cinematic Lighting,smile,the real skin pores are clearly visible,cleavage,backlight,golden moment,thin waist wide pelvis,