Nights of Horror (1954) Style – Old Western erotic comic

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Lore:Nights of Horror is a series of fetish comic books, created in 1954 by publisher Malcla, drawn by comic artist Joe Shuster, who is also one of...
Model:SD 1.5
(8k, RAW photo, best quality, masterpiece:1.2), large breasts, thick thighs, puffy nipples, shiny skin, looking at viewer, makeup,cameltoe,wide hips,mind control,seductive smile,cowboy shot,shiny clothes,dress,glowing eyes, poke ball \(basic\), nightsofhorror,,greyscale <lora:NightsofHorror:0.9>
score_9, score_8_up, score_7_up, score_6_up, score_5_up, score_4_up, 1girl, solo, irish, short hair, looking at viewer, hair ornament, dress, ribbon, hair between eyes, bare shoulders, jewelry, closed mouth, hair ribbon, upper body, ponytail, flower, sidelocks, hairband, earrings, detached sleeves, hair flower, rose, plaid dress, ribbon, flower, outdoors, Ireland, cottagecore, crossed bangs, four leaf clover, celtic theme,
nightsofhorror,,greyscale <lora:NightsofHorror:0.9>