Queen of the High Elves

Queen of the High Elves - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
Queen of the High Elves : Improving quality in lora Make it almost realistic Improve shape Improved clothes quality It works on more than one model...
Model:SD 1.5
ファイル名:Queen of the High Elves.safetensors
Trigger:Queen Elves , High Elves
1girl, solo, long hair, breasts, looking at viewer, blue eyes, blonde hair, dress, jewelry, standing, braid, white hair, cowboy shot, earrings, pointy ears, cape, armor, lips, grey eyes, Royal castle garden background, elf, shoulder armor, gauntlets, pauldrons, circlet, <lora:Queen of the High Elves:1>