SAMO 洛可可异形甲 Rococo Xenomorph Mecha

SAMO 洛可可异形甲 Rococo Xenomorph Mecha - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
Model:SD 1.5
ファイル名:rococo xenomorph.safetensors
(masterpiece1.2),(best quality:1.2),(raw photo),ptp girl, solo,robot woman by cybernetic ludum dare, legs, boots,(light smile:0.85),looks at viewer,face to viewer,in the style of sci-fi baroque, (rococo_style headgear), translucent thin tubes linked with helmet,white,azure hue, glowing zure_color light,8k resolution, machine aesthetics, intricate detail, hyper-realistic sci-fi, futuristic organic,(high key lighting),the bodysuit composed of  various translucent mechanical parts, H.R. Giger aesthetic,cyberpunk aesthetic. baroque xenomorph,dust in light,foggy,bokeh,kodak film,kodak portra 400,natural skin, true skin texture,<lora:rococo xenomorph:0.5>