Envy Goddess XL 04

Envy Goddess XL 04 - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LyCORIS | Civitai
Turns your waifus into muscular goddesses.
Model:SD 1.5
anime style, 1girl, woman, elf cyberpunk assassin villainess, tight pants, ninja sword, midnight, bombshell hair, auburn hair, Pixie Cut, toned body, athletic build, narrow waist, wide hips, small breasts, chinese, noon, scenery, "at the Glowing Interstellar Pulsar"<lora:muscular:1>
anime style, 1girl, woman, Yakuza ronin villainess, latex, thighhighs, daggers, moonless night, bombshell hair, sunset hair, Basket Weave Braid, hourglass figure, albino, cloud fantasy settlement in a Dust Storm Zone<lora:muscular:1> 
anime style, 1girl, woman, (groovy Grindhouse:1.3) angel, [:casual, sexy costume design,:0.2], bombshell hair, beige hair, bombshell bob cut, thick thighs, narrow waist, chinese, Research and Development Lab \(room\) <lora:muscular:1>