Ass Focus-V3

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This improves all 'ass focus' appearances This is still the beta version, if there are any problems, please leave your comment Use weights from 0.7...
Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:ass Focus , ass , From behind
woman's underwear squatting and kneeling in grass on field with daisies,  1girl,  outdoors,  ass,  jewelry,  solo,  day,  earrings,  armor,  blue eyes,  braid,  squatting,  high heels,  sky,  bikini armor,  boots,  looking at viewer,  breasts,  looking back,  shoulder armor,  parted lips,  long hair,  lips,  cloud,  knee boots,  shiny skin,  high heel boots,  from behind,  tree,  flower,  black hair,  artist name, ass Focus,  ass,<lora:1713047604313785715:0.8>
1girl,  solo,  breasts,  looking at viewer,  blush,  bangs,  large breasts,  cleavage,  bare shoulders,  medium breasts,  standing,  purple eyes,  collarbone,  swimsuit,  ponytail,  flower,  white hair,  sidelocks,  thighs,  cowboy shot,  outdoors,  parted lips,  covered nipples,  lips,  groin,  one-piece swimsuit,  bare arms,  night,  highleg,  thigh gap,  moon,  plant,  night sky,  full moon,  zipper,  arm at side,  black one-piece swimsuit,  highleg swimsuit, ass Focus,  ass,  From behind,<lora:1713047604313785715:1>
cosplayer anime girls bunny tails btntie big boobs naked art,  1girl,  breasts,  mona (genshin impact),  animal ears,  solo,  pantyhose,  ass,  rabbit ears,  leotard,  blue leotard,  tail,  looking at viewer,  large breasts,  jewelry,  twintails,  blue eyes,  black hair,  bare shoulders,  playboy bunny,  highleg,  earrings,  long hair,  highleg leotard,  grabbing own ass,  fake animal ears,  detached sleeves,  rabbit tail,  sky,  thighlet,  looking back,  thighs,  outdoors,  blush, ass Focus,  ass,  From behind,  ass,<lora:1713047604313785715:1>
an anime girl with big tits sitting on a chair in a maid outfit,  1girl,  sitting backwards,  solo,  ass,  sitting,  thighhighs,  red eyes,  underwear,  breasts,  maid headdress,  panties,  looking at viewer,  white thighhighs,  short sleeves,  bangs,  white panties,  apron,  maid,  chair,  thong,  covered nipples,  smile,  on chair,  closed mouth,  blonde hair, ass Focus,  ass,  From behind,  ass,<lora:1713047604313785715:1>