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Hello welcome! Here I leave a small introduction of the LoRA: Now you can touch your waifu's belly to your liking... ahem, for some reason it usual...
Model:SD 1.5
masterpiece,  belly_rub,  1girl,  hatsune_miku,  sexy body,  magic,  wallpaper,  heart-shaped_pupils,
masterpiece, belly_rub, 1girl, breasts, looking at viewer, blush, short hair, bangs, shirt, black hair, navel, animal ears, cleavage, bare shoulders, medium breasts, closed mouth, collarbone, jacket, tail, heart, pantyhose, lying, open clothes, shorts, solo focus, midriff, indoors, on back, off shoulder, black eyes, collar, short shorts, black shorts, goggles, fishnets, dog ears, couch, spoken heart, clenched hands, goggles on head, dog tail, dog girl, fishnet pantyhose, on couch, tail wagging, dog tags,