New Year’s Benefit Issue 1: Strawberry Cake Girl

New Year’s Benefit Issue 1: Strawberry Cake Girl - v1.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
Before making this dress, I had no idea of ​​leaning towards the New Year, posting good pictures, and sending them to the group for viewing. Someon...
Model:SD 1.5
ファイル名:0184 Strawberry Cake Girl_v1.safetensors
Trigger:ruanyi0184,wrist cuffs,thong,strawberry,bonnet,dress,lace trim,thighhighs,red thighhighs
1girl,solo,medium breasts,outdoors,<lora:GoodHands-beta2:1>,(full body:1.2),(thigh gap:1.2),ruanyi0184,wrist cuffs,thong,red thighhighs,strawberry,bonnet,dress,lace trim,, (masterpiece, best quality, hires, high resolution:1.2), (extremely detailed, realistic, intricate details, highres), 3d, cg,  bbw, shiny skin, , blush,, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyelashes,, (gigantic breasts, saggy breasts:1.1), (cinematic lighting, sunlight, volumetric), looking at viewer, simple red background, vintage fantasy, 1960s \(style\), film grain, <lora:0184 Strawberry Cake Girl_v1:0.9>
1girl,solo,medium breasts,outdoors,<lora:GoodHands-beta2:1>,from behind,ruanyi0184,wrist cuffs,thong,strawberry,bonnet,dress,lace trim,thighhighs,(cowboy shot:1.2),red thighhighs,bent over,blonde hair,very long hair,all fours,ass,, (masterpiece, best quality, hires, high quality, by professional artist, ultra detailed, extremely detailed, absurdres, incredibly resolution:1.2), good hands, perfect hands,<lora:0184 Strawberry Cake Girl_v1:0.7>