Female knight with holding a sword

Female knight with holding a sword - v2.0 | Stable Diffusion LoRA | Civitai
v1.0 Contents : holding sword with reverse grip + light armor Recommended Lora Weight : 0.45~0.6 Major keyword : ((holding sword)), armor, greaves,...
Model:SD 1.5
(masterpiece:1.2, best quality), (photorealistic:1.2, intricate details), Sword_Helm, 1girl, solo, long hair, looking at viewer, black hair, thighhighs, holding, jewelry, standing, full body, weapon, boots, sword, necklace, cape, holding weapon, armor, high heels, holding sword, helmet, shoulder armor, gauntlets, single thighhigh, headwear removed, asymmetrical legwear, pauldrons, knight, helmet removed, ((holding helmet)), (castle background) <lora:Sword_Helm:0.45>