unconventional maid

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With this TI I introduce the new category "Clothes". I will periodically post a series of outfits that you can have your Waifu wear. if you want to...
Model:SD 1.5
ファイル名:HDA_unconventional maid.safetensors
Trigger:HDA_unconventional maid
HDA_Masterpiece, 1girl,  HDA_Hikari, animal ear headphones, animal ears, bikini, cat ear headphones, fake animal ears, fake tail, frills, hair bow, bow, maid, maid bikini, side-tie bikini bottom, unconventional maid, full body <lora:HDA_unconventional maid:0.8>
HDA_Masterpiece, 1girl, solo, HDA_Hikari, HDA_unconventional maid, full body, red bikini<lora:HDA_unconventional maid:0.8>