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Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:hot christmas
red dress, fur trim
hot christmas,1girl,solo, smile, fur trim, turtleneck, arme behind back, garter straps, skirt<lora:hot_christmas:1>
<lora:hot_christmas:1>hot christmas, 1girl,solo, cleavage, bikini, fur trim, boob overflow, huge breasts,,looking at viewer, arms behind back , fur trim bikini , christmas theme,
<lora:hot_christmas:1>hot christmas, 1girl, breasts, mole, solo, santa hat, hat, earrings, jewelry, black hair, cleavage, navel, belt, large breasts, midriff, open mouth, santa costume, smile, looking at viewer, blush, christmas, brown eyes, choker, bare shoulders, white background, gloves