Uhlan tunic (WW1 German military uniform)

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My first clothes LoRa, so maybe not the best result, but it works fine on most realistic, semi-realistic and anime checkpoints (however, quite ofte...
Model:SD 1.5
Trigger:uhlan tunic
best quality, 1girl, solo, uhlan tunic, military,  <lora:add_detail:1>,  big breasts, short black hair, upper body
 <lora:uhlan tunic:0.8>
best quality, 1girl, solo, (uhlan tunic:1), pants, military,  <lora:add_detail:1>,  small breasts, nude dakimakura,  dakimakura (medium),  nude, pussy, multiple views, <lora:Dakimakura2:0.8>
 <lora:uhlan tunic:1>